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One Truck…Every Response

As a true first response vehicle, the MVP Rescue Pumper combines the water flow power of a custom pumper with the equipment storage space of a rescue unit into one truck capable of responding to fire, EMS, rescue, hazmat and salvage events.

Recent Deliveries

Lumberton, NC

2020 Ferrara MVP Rescue/Pumper


450HP Cummins
Waterous CSU Pump
750 Gallon Tank​


Princeville, NC

2020 Ferrara Cinder


1000 Gallon Tank


Indian, Beach, NC

Ferrara HD100 Mid Mount Platform




Endy VFD

2020 Ferrara Custom Pumper


450 HP Cummins
1750 Hake Qmax Pump
1000 Gallon Low Hose Bed ​

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